Please take a look at this sentence:

“She don’t like to play tennis.”

Is there anything strange to you? Most of you probably immediately can find the easy grammar mistake. Of course, grammatically, it should be:

“She doesn’t like to play tennis.”

So the question is, why is it so easy to see on paper or screen, but so many students have trouble actually saying this correctly? Well, there are a few reasons, but basically the answer is simply:

Knowing does NOT equal Doing.

In high school, we were all taught to remember facts and build our knowledge (INPUT). However, we were not taught how to produce this knowledge in a meaningful way (OUTPUT).

Being a great English speaker requires A LOT of practice and I mean especially, SPEAKING practice. The more you practice converting your knowledge to results, you will become a great speaker.

You have all done STUDY. Now it’s time to PRACTICE and PERFORM!


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