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僕の答えは2つあります。まずテストを受ける人にとってはっきりな目標があれば意味はあります。つまりちゃんとPSB(Personal Selfish Benefit)があればTOEICはまだ意味あります。例えば、スコアは600点当たったら仕事がレベルアップ出来ます。





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How many of you have taken the TOEIC test in the last year? Do you have any plans to take it again within the next year? Many of my students are still actively taking the TOEIC test for a variety of reasons. However, the question I would like to examine is, “Does the TOEIC score still matter?”

Well, to answer this question, we need to look at a few things first.

 1. What does the TOEIC score actually mean?

Simply put, the TOEIC score is a measure of your English Listening and Reading skills, as well as your Vocabulary and Grammar knowledge. To be more specific, it is a measure of the number of English vocabulary words you know, how well you can read and understand passages, and how well you can understand spoken English by ear. And don’t forget, it also reflects how well you can choose the correct answer from four choices while under pressure to finish within the time limit.


2. So what does the TOEIC score NOT measure?

The standard TOEIC test does not measure your speaking and writing abilities. There is a version of the TOEIC test that now tests Speaking and Writing but it is more expensive and most students are continuing to take the standard version.


3. Why are you taking the TOEIC test?

This is really the key question. Most of my students are taking the TOEIC test for work-related reasons. Some of them need a certain score to become a manager or to go on business trips overseas. Some need it simply because their boss wants them to take it. And others want to test their ability to see where their level is.

 So, does TOEIC score still matter?

My answer has two sides. First, I think it DOES matter if there is a clear objective for the test-taker. In other words, if there is a PSB (Personal Selfish Benefit) that is very clear, the TOEIC test can have relevance. An example of a PSB is if a test-taker gets a 600 score on the TOEIC, they can get a promotion at their company.

Now, let’s look at the second part of my answer. In the bigger picture, the TOEIC test does NOT accurately measure what many company managers are trying to assess. They want to know about an employee’s overall English ability (including Speaking skills) which the TOEIC does not measure. In fact, I could argue that the TOEIC is a better measure of time management, than of Speaking skills. So in this regard, I don’t think the  standard TOEIC test has much meaning anymore.

 What do YOU think? Why are YOU taking the TOEIC test?

These are my quick opinions. Please let me know what you think about the TOEIC test by commenting below!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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