Five English Scholarships Awarded

How would you like to win an opportunity to learn English with Kaplan? Well, five people from Spain have just been awarded this opportunity.

Beca-ME-kaplanKaplan International Colleges held a contest where students were to write an essay entitled, “The Experience of a Lifetime.” The content of the essays would be a description of how the student would live out their dreams and follow their ambitions if they were given the chance to study abroad.

Over 1,000 hopeful students entered this competition for the Béca-ME scholarships and five lucky winners were chosen. Their essays impressed the judges as well as fans on Facebook, who were able to read the aspirational essays there.

Guadalupe Sánchez Martínez, Rubén Rodriguez Montero, Ana Abad de Larriva, Sofía Villafañe Escudero and Patricia Cid Jimenez were all selected and will get the chance to study English abroad.

Four of the five students wrote about overcoming hardships. One student in particular wrote a moving story about how the growing unemployment and lack of opportunities in the economy.

Another student wrote about surviving a near-death experience. She has since vowed to make the most of every opportunity.

And another one of the five winners wrote an emotional essay while mentioning Stephen Hawking, who promoted the good parts of traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Head of Spain for Kaplan International, Raquel Martinez said, “Following the official announcement from the Ministry of Education not to grant any scholarships this year, there was quite a lot of disappointment expressed on the internet.

“At Kaplan International we wanted to bring back the excitement and motivation that those scholarships had given to students year after year. It has been a very emotional experience for all of us reading the essays full of dreams and aspirations. Students have fantastic values in Spain.”

Have you ever won a scholarship?
If you won an English scholarship from Kaplan, in which country would you learn English?

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