How to check Spelling and Pronunciation | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 14

How to check Spelling and Pronunciation

Key phrases for practice:

How do you spell your name?
How do you spell Minnesota?

Was that “B” or “V”?
Was that “M” or “N”?

How do you pronounce that?
How do you pronounce “allergy”?


That’s “V” for Vietnam.
That’s “N” as in Nigeria.

It’s pronounced “allergy.”

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:


Steph: Hey Al!

Al: Yep?

Steph: I’m just buying our plane tickets for Bangkok on the internet now, and I just need to know a couple things. So how do you spell your last name?

Al: Oh, it’s S-L-A-G-L-E.

Steph: Sorry, was that “S” or “F”?

Al: Oh, that’s “S” as in San Francisco.

Steph: Oh, ok. S-L-A-G… Sorry, was that “L” or “R”?

Al: Sorry, that’s “L” for London.

Steph: I see. …L-E. Ok, good. Al, how do you pronounce your last name?

Al: It’s pronounced “Slagle.”

Steph: “Slagle”, eh? Because it’s asking me for the ‘furigana.’ So how do I pronounce…how do you pronounce the ‘furigana’ of your last name?

Al: Oh, that’s ‘su-rei-gu-ru.’

Steph: ‘Su-rei-gu-ru’? ‘Su-rei-gu-ru.’ I see. But the correct pronunciation is “Slagle?” I see. Ok! Also, I need to know your phone number…

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