How to talk about Time 1-3

Key Phrases for Practice:

It’s 8:30.
It’s 4:45pm.

The meeting starts at 2 o’clock.
The meeting starts at half past ten.

I usually get home around a quarter past nine.
I usually get home around a quarter to eleven.

What time is it?

When does the meeting start?
When does the workshop end?

What time do you have lunch?
What time do you usually leave the office?


Steph: All right, well…Cheers!

Al: Cheers! Yes! Wow, so, Steph, you look pretty tired.

Steph: Yeah, I’m a bit tired. I had a little bit of a rough night. I got in at half past two.

Al: Half past two!?

Steph: Yeah.

Al: Really!

Steph: I was drinking with some clients.

Al: I see.

Steph: One beer turned into…several!

Al: What time do you usually get home?

Steph: I usually get home around 10:30.

Al: 10:30!? So, that’s quite late…last night!

Steph: Mm-hmm.

Al: I see…and you told me you were late for your meeting this morning?

Steph: That’s right. Yeah.

Al: Oh, well…

Steph: I came in at the tail end of it.

Al: I see.

Steph: So, a quarter to ten.

Al: A quarter to ten? So what time did the meeting start?

Steph: It started at 9 o’clock.

Al: Nine!? Wow, that’s…I hope your boss wasn’t mad.

Steph: He wasn’t happy!

Al: I see! Um, by the way, what time is it now?

Steph: It’s a quarter to nine.

Al: A quarter to nine? Oh, I better go because I have to catch my train at 9:02.

Steph: OK. No problem.

Al: All right, well, thanks for the drink.

Steph: No worries!

Al: And I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Steph: All right. See you tomorrow buddy.

Al: Bye!

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