How to talk about Your Hometown 1-5

Key Phrases for Practice:

I’m from Hokkaido.
I’m from western Tokyo.

Kyoto is known for famous temples.
Aomori is known for delicious apples.

I like Nagano because it’s great for skiing.
I like my hometown because it’s quiet.

What can I do there?

When is the best time to visit your hometown?

Is anyone famous from your hometown?


Al: So Steph, where are you from?

Steph: I’m from Ottawa.

Al: Ottawa? That’s Canada, right?

Steph: Yes, that’s right.

Al: Excellent. I don’t know so much about Ottawa. What can I do there?

Steph: In Ottawa, you can go skiing in the winter and ice skating. And in summertime you can go camping, hiking, fishing, sailing…lots of things you can do. I like Ottawa because there are so many things to do in all the seasons.

Al: What is Ottawa known for?

Steph: Hmm…Ottawa is known for its Rideau Canal. It’s the world’s longest skating rink. It’s about eight kilometers.

Al: Eight kilometers? Wow, that’s… that’s quite long! So, is anyone famous from Ottawa?

Steph: Ah, do you know Alanis Morissette?

Al: Oh yeah, the singer?

Steph: Yes, yes, yes! She’s from Ottawa. She went to the same high school as my dad!

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