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Studying English with Movies: FROZEN

Frozen movie poster

Let’s study a scene from Disney’s “Frozen”

For the third lesson of Studying English with Movies, let’s take a look at the hugely popular animated film from last year, “Frozen.” If you don’t know by now, “Frozen” is a movie from Disney about two sisters, one of which has the power to magically create snow, ice, and other wintry things. The movie became very popular largely due to the song, “Let It Go” which you have probably heard on the radio, or out in public by now. (Here is the music video with lyrics)

So what can we learn from this Disney movie?
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E2P29 | How to Respond More Quickly

On the 29th episode of the English 2.0 Podcast, we handle the following points:

How to Respond More Quickly: In the past few years, many students have been asking me how to respond more quickly in English conversation. If not asking me directly, other students seem to struggle with this aspect of English conversation. In this episode, I look at 3 aspects to think about and also 3 Action Steps to help you achieve faster response times.

3 Aspects to Consider:
1. Understanding the speaker’s comment or question
2. Learning common phrases and strategies for responding
3. Practicing this skill

Action Steps:
1. Do Dictation Exercises
2. Study conversations from TV shows and movies
3. Practice by speaking out loud or finding a group to speak with

English 2.0 Quick Tip:  This is a very useful and FREE app to help you organize your notes – Evernote

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How to ask for Permission and Respond | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 15

How to ask for Permission and Respond

Key phrases for practice:

Can I use the restroom?
Can I borrow your pen?

May I take a day off?
May I open the window?

Is it all right if I turn down the volume?
Is it all right if I park here?

Sure, go ahead.

I’m sorry, but it’s broken.
I’m sorry, but it’s not possible.

I’m afraid not, but you can turn on the air conditioner.
I’m afraid not, but you can park over there.

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:

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