Upgrade Your English OS: English 1.0–>English 2.0


WIN95 を使っている人はまだいますか?そういう人は知っていますか?J-Phoneを使っている人?90年代の車を持っている人?だいたい皆はアップグレードするのが好きだからいないじゃないですか?しかも古いモデルは使えなくなちゃうからアップグレードをやらなければなりません。

だから英語のOSもアップグレードしなきゃいけません。英語のOSをアップグレードすることはどういう意味でしょうか。中学校と高校の時に勉強の理由は1つだけでした:大学入学試験を合格すること(English 1.0)。だけど、今の目標やゴールは違うじゃないですか?今は大学生か社会人として英語の勉強について新しいゴールや希望やドリームがありますね。

ということは今のドリームをゲットするために学び方をアップグレードしないといけない(English 2.0)。たとえば、大学入学試験を合格するために語彙を増やしたり文法を勉強したりすべきです。しかし、ビジネスの世界でもっと具体的な単語やマレーシアの同僚と電話で話すことが出来るのは必要です。この目標が自分の勉強のやり方に影響を与える。勉強の習慣を変えるために考え方と行動を変えなきゃいけません。英語のOSのアップグレードも必要です。English 1.0 –>English 2.0 アップグレードしよう!





Do you know anyone who is still using Windows 95? Or anyone that is using a J-Phone? Or anyone that is driving a car built in the 1990’s? Most of us upgrade because we like the new technology, or the new model, or the new features. But ALL of us MUST upgrade when those old models and operating systems become obsolete.

That’s why we also MUST upgrade our English OS (operating system) as well. What do I mean? Well, in our school days (junior high and high school) we studied for one particular reason: to get a good score on the college entrance exam (English 1.0). However, as we have discussed, times have changed, and our goals have changed. Now that we are at university or working at a company we have different needs, aims, and hopes for our English studies.

This means we must upgrade our learning styles to keep up with our current goals (English 2.0). For example, in order to pass the college entrance exam, we need to study grammar and increase our vocabulary. However, in the business world, we may need specific vocabulary for our industry and need to learn how to interact on the telephone with a colleague from Malaysia. These different goals will affect how you study. In order to change your study habits, you must change the way you think and act. This requires an upgrade of your English OS. Upgrade now from English 1.0 to English 2.0!

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10 Responses to Upgrade Your English OS: English 1.0–>English 2.0

  1. Aoi at #

    Al-san, I red it and I think so too. I neet to upgrade my learning style to keep up with my current goal. (My current goal is to speak English in my business scene more smoothly.) Thanks a lot and best regards, Aoi

    • alsensei at #

      Hi Aoi san,

      Thanks for your comment!
      I’m glad you’re open to new learning styles and improving!

      You’re doing great!
      Keep up the good work!


  2. Maria at #

    Hi, teacher
    I loved your videos and the first English pronunciation lesson.
    I have studied English for many years but, I can’t expressing what I want to say, unfortunately.
    So, I need to improve my learning!
    Thanks for help me.

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Maria!

      Thank you for your warm comments!
      I’m glad to hear that the videos are helpful to you.

      In order to get better at expressing yourself, you can try keeping a journal
      everyday and get feedback from your teacher or any native speaker.

      If there’s anything else I can do for you, please let me know.



  3. Mousa at #

    I totally agree with you.

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Mousa,

      Thanks for your comment!
      I’m glad you feel the same and I hope it’s helpful to you.

      Have a great day!


  4. BEATRIZ at #

    I want to thank you teacher, your lessons are amazing and helpful, God bless you and guide you every single day:) I would like you to help me always please, I really need to improve my English skills.

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Beatriz,

      I’m very glad to hear from you! Thank you for taking time to share your kind comments with me. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask any time. Take care,


  5. Oleg at #

    Thanks for your efforts to help everybody). Could you help me, please? I have some problems in English. They are : 1) how can i expand my vocabulary quickly?
    And 2) What’s the best way to improve English speech, including fluency?
    By the way, your lessons are very useful.
    Thanks in advance,
    Best wishes)

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Oleg,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry for not replying sooner.
      It’s my pleasure to share what I’ve learned with everyone and I very much enjoy it.

      So, let’s get to your questions.

      1. For vocabulary, I usually suggest what has worked for me in my Japanese studies. I would say choose a method of INPUT that you find interesting or fun. This could be reading a news website, listening to an economic podcast, or studying a textbook. Choose whatever is interesting for you. When you come across new vocabulary words or phrases, make sure you have a place to record them. Smartphones are good for that now but a good notebook or notepad can also be useful. If possible, when you note new words, try to capture the original context of the word or phrase and try using it in your own sentence. If you write it down, show it to your teacher or another native speaker to have them give you feedback. I’m not sure there’s any quick way to do it, but just make sure you’re doing a little everyday and that will add up.

      2. The best way to improve your English speech is by speaking more. That’s the only way. If you are by yourself, there are certain things you can do to practice. Please see my video to help you. If your goal is to communicate with other people in conversation, then you have to find people to talk to. You can do this by searching a site like meetup.com and finding groups with native English speakers to talk to. For fluency, that is a very deep topic. To better answer your question, I would need to know more about your particular challenges with fluency. Quickly, I would first figure out what is hard for you. Most people have a problem expressing their ideas in English because they are trying to translate directly. If this is true for you, my advice is to start learning English from function. This means, instead of translating, learn “how to” achieve certain communication goals. For example, learn “how to make a suggestion” in English so that you don’t have to translate.

      Anyway, here are some links that may be helpful. Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions.

      5 Ways to Practice Speaking on your own
      3 Keys to Becoming a Natural Speaker
      Phrasemix – How to Learn English