MeWelcome to ALsensei.com!

Would you like to:

  • RAISE your English level?
  • EXPRESS what you truly want to say in English?
  • Speak with CONFIDENCE and without hesitation?

I Can Help You Achieve Those Goals!

How is it Possible?

I’ve been teaching English in Japan for over 12 years and have studied what effective students DO.
After gathering their similar habits and characteristics, I designed a concept for English success called,

English 2.0

In other words, I help students raise their level by changing their TEXTBOOK ENGLISH to NATURAL ENGLISH.

My students have said:

Thank you so much for your help. You are always kind to me…so I could enjoy studying and speaking English. I was happy to talk with you…and you are always so fun. You taught me a lot of natural English. –Yoko

Thank you for teaching me English. You are so great teacher! I always enjoyed your class. –Maria

Thank you very much for your kind and polite lesson. I really enjoyed it. And I think it made my English skills better than before. –Yasuo T.

Who is ALsensei?

I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. I came to Japan about 12 years ago and started teaching English at an English conversation school in Yokohama. After doing that for about 5 years, I decided to change companies.

I now work for a Corporate Consulting company and have been training business people on how to give presentations, hold meetings, schedule appointments on the telephone, and write emails in English.

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