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SS10 | Clarifying

On the 10th episode of Speaking Skills, we learn how to develop this skill:


Sometimes in a conversation, it’s hard to understand the other person. Perhaps, they use a word you don’t know or their explanation is unclear. In this lesson, we learn how to ask the other person to clarify what they mean. Also, we learn how to clarify our own explanations.

Here are some basic expressions to CLARIFY someone else:

What do you mean by that?
Could you explain that in another way?

Here are some basic expressions to CLARIFY yourself:

What I mean by that is…
In other words,…

Watch Speaking Skills 10 to see more examples.

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AB13 | Active Listening

active listening

Learn 4 ways you can listen actively and improve your conversations!

On the 13th episode of the AudioBLOG, we go over the following Blog post:

Power Conversation: Active Listening

Learning how to have a natural and meaningful conversation with someone has been one of the hottest topics among my students recently. On this episode of the English 2.0 Podcast, I review Part 4 of the “Power Conversation” series where we discuss Active Listening: Why it’s important and how to do it. I will teach you 4 ways that you can actively listen in your next conversation with someone.

Link to Original Blog Post

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Mentioned on this episode:

AudioBlog 12: 3 Keys to Maintain a Conversation – Podcast

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Power Conversation: Active Listening (Part 3b of 3)

Active Listening

Image courtesy of franky242 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In the follow-up to the previous post (Power Conversation Part 3a) we will talk about the concept of Active Listening and then I will give you a useful speaking strategy to help you be an active listener.

So, what does Active Listening mean?
And why is it important?

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