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AB9 | What?! Politics are OK to Discuss?

Is it OK to Discuss Politics?

Are Politics really OK to Discuss?

On the 9th episode of the AudioBLOG, we go over the following Blog post:

Is it OK to Talk About Politics?

Most of us have been taught NOT to discuss politics with others because it is too sensitive and personal. But is this really true? Probably, if it’s the first time we’re meeting someone, we wouldn’t want to bring up a personal topic like politics but how about with people that we know pretty well? In this episode, I talk about whether it’s ok to discuss politics and other personal topics with others.

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Power Conversation: How to Maintain a Conversation (Part 3a of 3)

how to maintain a conversation

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Once we’ve made a strong first impression and started the conversation with confidence, how can we maintain the conversation and make sure that this ends up being a positive experience for both people? We’ll take a look at the following points in depth:

  • 3 Keys to Success
  • How to be an “Active Listener”
  • A Simple and Practical Strategy for Responding Naturally

All right, let’s get to it!
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