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YQ15 | Is it Important to Remember Grammar Rules when Speaking?

On the 15th episode of Your Question, we handle the following question:

Q: Is it important to remember grammar rules when it comes to speaking?

Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

First, we need to have a basic level of grammar in order to be understood.
However, if we think too much about grammar while speaking, it can affect our spoken fluency.
There’s a balance between GRAMMAR and FLUENCY for most students.

1. Don’t worry about grammar when speaking.
2. Learn to think in “function.”
3. Review the “Speaking Skills” series to help you.

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3 Things I Learned from THE KING’S SPEECH

the king's speech

How “The King’s Speech” can help with your English fluency

Recently, I watched the film, “The King’s Speech” on DVD. If you don’t remember, this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2011. The main character, King George VI, was played by Colin Firth who also won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

It is based on real events that occurred in the 1930’s and 1940’s where the Duke of York (George VI) suffered from a major speech problem. He had a terrible stammer. How he overcame this challenge taught me some things that I think can help students become more fluent speakers. I’d like to share 3 of these with you today.
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Power Conversation: How to Respond to Someone Naturally (Part 3c of 3)

Now that you are familiar with the concept of Active Listening from the previous post (Power Conversation Part 3b), we will talk about how to use this concept in your real daily conversations.

responding to someone naturally

Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The reason I want to give you this powerful, yet simple strategy is because I often make comments to my students about events in my life and I usually receive one of the following responses:

  • silence
  • a confused look on their face
  • struggle to say something but nothing really comes out
  • a somewhat unnatural and unconfident response

By the end of this post, I want you to have the ability to respond naturally and more important, confidently when you hear a comment from your friend, co-worker, or teacher.

Here’s how to do it

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Transform your Textbook Knowledge into Natural English

change textbook english to natural englishTake one minute to answer this question honestly about yourself.

“How do you feel about your current English level?”

Are you satisfied? Do you feel like you’ve been at the same level for awhile without any real improvement? Do you feel like you have a lot of knowledge but it’s hard to express what you want to say?

If so, what you may be looking for is how to take your textbook knowledge and convert it to natural English. Here’s how:

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