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E2P35 | “Is This Correct?”

girl with question

Many students want to know the answer. But is it really a good question?

On the 35th episode of the English 2.0 Podcast, we talk about the following question from students:

Is this correct English?

One of the most common question I am asked by students is, “Al, is this correct?” Of course, this is a very good question to ask but I have found it difficult to answer for the following reason: Students have different goals. In this episode I talk about new approaches to this question and how to ask this more effectively to your teacher.

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Best of Periscope 2 | How to Pronounce “Congratulations”, Grammar Question – “Still”, Star Wars Ep. 7 Chat

On the 2nd episode of the Best of Periscope, we look at 3 different Periscope lessons and videos over the last few months:

1. Pronunciation: “Congratulations”
2. Grammar Question: “Still”
3. Star Wars Episode 7 Discussion

Periscope is an app for your smartphone or tablet which allows you to broadcast or watch live video! I’ve been using Periscope for many months now to do a daily English lesson. Please follow me on Periscope and you won’t miss the next lesson!

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YQ15 | Is it Important to Remember Grammar Rules when Speaking?

On the 15th episode of Your Question, we handle the following question:

Q: Is it important to remember grammar rules when it comes to speaking?

Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

First, we need to have a basic level of grammar in order to be understood.
However, if we think too much about grammar while speaking, it can affect our spoken fluency.
There’s a balance between GRAMMAR and FLUENCY for most students.

1. Don’t worry about grammar when speaking.
2. Learn to think in “function.”
3. Review the “Speaking Skills” series to help you.

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Studying English with Movies: ELEKTRA


“Elektra” starring Jennifer Garner

For the second lesson of Studying English with Movies, we’re going to take a look at a scene from the superhero movie, “Elektra”. I borrowed this DVD from a friend a few years ago and I decided to finally watch it the other day. Overall, it’s not a great movie, but as always, I like to find dialogue that can be used to help us learn English. In today’s scene we have Elektra, played by the beautiful Jennifer Garner talking to Abby, played by actress Kirsten Prout.

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Please take a look at this sentence:

“She don’t like to play tennis.”

Is there anything strange to you? Most of you probably immediately can find the easy grammar mistake. Of course, grammatically, it should be:

“She doesn’t like to play tennis.”

So the question is, why is it so easy to see on paper or screen, but so many students have trouble actually saying this correctly? Well, there are a few reasons, but basically the answer is simply:

Knowing does NOT equal Doing.

In high school, we were all taught to remember facts and build our knowledge (INPUT). However, we were not taught how to produce this knowledge in a meaningful way (OUTPUT).

Being a great English speaker requires A LOT of practice and I mean especially, SPEAKING practice. The more you practice converting your knowledge to results, you will become a great speaker.

You have all done STUDY. Now it’s time to PRACTICE and PERFORM!