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YQ15 | Is it Important to Remember Grammar Rules when Speaking?

On the 15th episode of Your Question, we handle the following question:

Q: Is it important to remember grammar rules when it comes to speaking?

Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

First, we need to have a basic level of grammar in order to be understood.
However, if we think too much about grammar while speaking, it can affect our spoken fluency.
There’s a balance between GRAMMAR and FLUENCY for most students.

1. Don’t worry about grammar when speaking.
2. Learn to think in “function.”
3. Review the “Speaking Skills” series to help you.

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Mentioned on this episode:

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Speaking Skills 3 | Making Suggestions

On the 3rd episode of Speaking Skills, we learn how to develop this skill:

Making Suggestions

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Power Conversation: How to Maintain a Conversation (Part 3a of 3)

how to maintain a conversation

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Once we’ve made a strong first impression and started the conversation with confidence, how can we maintain the conversation and make sure that this ends up being a positive experience for both people? We’ll take a look at the following points in depth:

  • 3 Keys to Success
  • How to be an “Active Listener”
  • A Simple and Practical Strategy for Responding Naturally

All right, let’s get to it!
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Transform your Textbook Knowledge into Natural English

change textbook english to natural englishTake one minute to answer this question honestly about yourself.

“How do you feel about your current English level?”

Are you satisfied? Do you feel like you’ve been at the same level for awhile without any real improvement? Do you feel like you have a lot of knowledge but it’s hard to express what you want to say?

If so, what you may be looking for is how to take your textbook knowledge and convert it to natural English. Here’s how:

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Your Question 6 | How do you Exchange Business Cards in English?

On the 6th episode of Your Question, we handle the following question:

Q: How do you exchange business cards in English?

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