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Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field

Director: Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

They call this movie a “re-boot” of the Spider-Man movies and character. So is it completely different than the Tobey Maguire films? Or is it just a different or darker angle on the story similar to the Dark Knight Batman movies?
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Five English Scholarships Awarded

How would you like to win an opportunity to learn English with Kaplan? Well, five people from Spain have just been awarded this opportunity.

Beca-ME-kaplanKaplan International Colleges held a contest where students were to write an essay entitled, “The Experience of a Lifetime.” The content of the essays would be a description of how the student would live out their dreams and follow their ambitions if they were given the chance to study abroad.

Over 1,000 hopeful students entered this competition for the Béca-ME scholarships and five lucky winners were chosen. Their essays impressed the judges as well as fans on Facebook, who were able to read the aspirational essays there.

Guadalupe Sánchez Martínez, Rubén Rodriguez Montero, Ana Abad de Larriva, Sofía Villafañe Escudero and Patricia Cid Jimenez were all selected and will get the chance to study English abroad.

Four of the five students wrote about overcoming hardships. One student in particular wrote a moving story about how the growing unemployment and lack of opportunities in the economy.

Another student wrote about surviving a near-death experience. She has since vowed to make the most of every opportunity.

And another one of the five winners wrote an emotional essay while mentioning Stephen Hawking, who promoted the good parts of traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Head of Spain for Kaplan International, Raquel Martinez said, “Following the official announcement from the Ministry of Education not to grant any scholarships this year, there was quite a lot of disappointment expressed on the internet.

“At Kaplan International we wanted to bring back the excitement and motivation that those scholarships had given to students year after year. It has been a very emotional experience for all of us reading the essays full of dreams and aspirations. Students have fantastic values in Spain.”

Have you ever won a scholarship?
If you won an English scholarship from Kaplan, in which country would you learn English?

Win a Free English Course!

How would you like to win an English course?

How would you like to be a judge for a photograph competition?

Well, you can do both now! Kaplan English language school is holding a worldwide contest called the Kaplan Talent Awards to find the best student photographer. The judges can be anyone and one lucky person will be selected to win an English course!

kaplan-talent-awardsFirst, you need to be a fan of Kaplan’s Facebook page. Then you will vote on a series of photographs that have been submitted by students. Over 1,000 photographs were submitted over the past month but now only 30 remain for the final vote.

The student whose photograph is selected as the winner along with one lucky judge will both win a two-week English course at any Kaplan college in the world. This could be in a very attractive location such as London, New York, Sydney, or Singapore, just to name a few.

This is Kaplan’s largest competition of this kind and Social Media Manager, Robert Pickstone explains why they are doing it.

“For a long time now, we’ve been impressed and inspired by the talent displayed by our students. Their photography skills are fantastic. We wanted to recognize and reward our students, whilst also involving our Facebook fans, which has led to the birth of The Kaplan Talent Awards!

“Everyone stands a chance of winning the experience of a lifetime, and we’re excited to be offering this opportunity. Good luck and we hope you like the photos!”
To enter the drawing for a free two-week English course, visit Find the Kaplan Talent Awards Facebook App. You have until May 13th 2013 to BE THE JUDGE. Good luck!

Have you ever won a drawing before?
If you win, what city would you like to attend the course in?

How to Teach English

What do you think is the best way to learn English? What materials or media would help you the most? What if you could ask over 500 English teachers what they recommend for their students?

howtoteach_kaplan_infographicWell, with Kaplan’s How to Teach English Infographic, you can see the results of a survey answering these questions!

According to the survey, 86% of ESL teachers use music during their lessons to help students understand English better. The most common musicians used in English classes are The Beatles with 40% of teachers stating they have used their songs such as “Hey Jude” and “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Paul McCartney’s only son, James McCartney said, “What a great way to learn any language–by learning through music. Music is a universal language that can bridge the traditional language barrier, and the music of The Beatles has always been a bridge of love and communication. I think this is great.”

Even though other popular artists like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley were named in the survey, The Beatles are still the most popular to learn English by a large margin. Michael Jackson came in at 6% while Bob Marley was used by 5%. Elvis and the new band One Direction came in 4th and 5th place with 4% and 3%.

Other topics covered in the survey are:
-English-speaking celebrities
-TV Shows
-Computer Games

See the full infographic here.

What musicians do YOU think are helpful to learn English?
What tools do you recommend to help others?

Olympic Champion Inspired to Learn English

Ilya Ilin, from Kazakhstan, recently broke two world records and won the gold medal in weightlifting at the 2012 Olympics in London. After falling in love with the city during the summer Games, he has decided to return and learn English with the Kaplan English course in London.

After achieving his Olympic goals last year, Ilya decided that his next challenge would be to learn to speak English. Being the only Olympic weightlifter to retain their champion title from the Beijing Games of 2008, he hopes to return to London to achieve English success.

He knows that it will be a challenging task but he is very enthusiastic about getting started. The Kazakhstani national hero will start with a general English course that will last 10 weeks and will focus on the main four areas of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Ilya said, “When you travel so much in the world, English is something you must know. It can open new doors for friendships and professional connections. I’m very happy to come back to London and get the chance to improve my English.”

Ilya was recognized as one of the best Asian athletes in the world by the Olympic Council of Asia mainly due to his achievements at the London Olympic Games.

Do you like the Olympic Games?
If so, which events or sports are your favorite?

Chinese Actress Li Bingbing is Learning English at Kaplan

Li Bingbing is the star of the recent Hollywood movie “Resident Evil: Retribution” and is currently learning English for her roles in more movies. In order to improve her English, she has chosen Kaplan English language school to study at.

In China, she is known for being an actress as well as a singer and appeared in the fifth edition of the Resident Evil series. Another one of her major roles was in the adventure movie “Forbidden Kingdom” in which she appeared with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Li Bingbing said, “Learning another language actually is learning a new culture, is also a new way to know who you are. So we need a good mentor when we study.


“I like the personalized education from Kaplan International College. It was just like Chinese traditional private school education. I improved my listening and speaking a lot.”

She is scheduled to appear in several upcoming Hollywood films and will have the opportunities for more lead roles.

Have you seen “Resident Evil: Retribution” or “Forbidden Kingdom”?
If so, what did you think?

New English School for Teens

Are you, or a child of yours interested in learning English at a fantastic European location? If so, Kaplan English courses for teens sounds like the perfect opportunity for you!

They are proud to announce the opening of a new Junior English School in Edinburgh, Scotland which will be opening up summer courses for teenagers from June 23rd to August 10th. Some of the activities offered include day trips, sports, and sightseeing. What a great way to learn if you ask me!

The courses will be held at Napier University located just ten minutes from the city center. Students will have access to everything the Scottish capital has to offer including world-class festivals and breathtaking scenery. Also on the Napier campus is a 12th century castle which students will enjoy.

Kaplan’s Junior Operations Manager for the UK and Ireland said, “Edinburgh is a wonderful historic city which has been an extremely popular destination for young English language learners for well over forty years.

“Kaplan is delighted to add our Edinburgh Kaplan International Center as one of our UK junior programme centers. Kaplan has been voted ‘best educator in Scotland’ and this reputation for outstanding education and care is now available for 14-17 year olds on all inclusive Junior Programmes.”

To find out more about the Edinburgh Junior English Language School, click here.

Have you ever been to Scotland?
What do you most like about Scottish culture?

New English Language School in Brighton

The city of Brighton in the UK is home to Kaplan International Colleges newest English language school for teenagers. The Kaplan English school in Brighton is scheduled to open in time for Summer 2013 and will offer Junior English courses as well as accommodations, meals, and a full activity program.

brighton-school-kaplanAs one of the trendiest cities in the UK, Brighton is a well-established destination for teenage language learning. It also has beautiful beaches, lots of parks, and a lengthy history of international students.

The campus features cutting-edge classrooms, an exciting social program hub, and purpose-built accommodations. The Brighton school is set up to be an extremely popular place for students aged between 14 and 17 to learn English and have a great social experience.

Kaplan’s Junior Operations Manager for the UK & Ireland, Anna Robinson, said, “This age group are really going to love being in this exciting location and experiencing everything Brighton has to offer.”

In addition to the new Brighton center, Kaplan also offers its junior program in the UK cities of Bath, Bournemouth, London Kingston, Salisbury, and Torquay.

It also has junior English language schools internationally in America and Australia. Some of the cities include Berkeley, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Boston in the US and Cairns in Australia.

Have you been to Brighton?
Are you interested in studying in the UK?

Free English Every Day in 2013!

How would you like to receive a free English tip, assignment, or lesson every day in 2013? Well you can do that now by taking part in the Year of English project, which is sponsored in part by Kaplan International Colleges.

yearofenglish-kaplanThe project is an English-learning course delivered by email everyday throughout the year 2013 to those who sign up. The course is especially designed for students who need just a little more help to become fluent in English.

The founder of PhraseMix, Aaron Knight, was inspired to create the Year of English project after seeing the success of a similar project held last year for people interested in learning how to program computers called the Code Year project.

Aaron stated, “For a lot of people, learning English is a vague goal that they hold on to for years and years but never quite achieve. I wanted to give these English learners the motivation to make a big push toward becoming fluent this year. I also wanted to give them the tools to do that with daily lessons.”

As part of the course, students will receive Kaplan English grammar exercises once a week. To sign up for the course, click here.

English: The Language of Love?

“What do you think is the most romantic language?”

“Have you ever learned a language to impress a loved one?”

These are two of the questions on a new survey called the “Language of Love” survey currently being conducted by Kaplan International Colleges.

Language of Love survey

Language of Love survey

The survey was designed to discover the romantic motivations for learning a language among other things. Anyone may enter via this link and after answering the ten questions on the survey, will be eligible to win $100 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Kaplan’s Online Marketing Executive, Martin Hofschroer said, “This is a fun survey, which I’m sure language learners around the world will enjoy. We hope that there will be some interesting results that we can share with the language learning community.”

Once all is completed, Kaplan will publish an infographic with the results on Valentine’s Day 2013. Be sure to check out the Kaplan blog and Facebook and Twitter pages for notification about the release of the infographic.

Also, continue to learn English with Kaplan by checking out two of the other infographics. One of them looks at the benefits of learning languages while the other shows how students learn English outside of the classroom. If you contribute to this survey, your opinion could be included in the next one!

Do you think English is a romantic language?
What are your favorite “love” expressions in English?