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YQ14 | How Can I Build Vocabulary and Learn Idioms with a Bad Memory?

On the 14th episode of Your Question, we handle the following question:

Q: I want to build my vocabulary and learn idioms but my memory is not good. How can I do it?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Learn by using mnemonics
2. Practice again and again and try to use in a meaningful way
3. Avoid trying to memorize lists of words with no context
4. Avoid learning rare idioms that aren’t used anymore

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Power Conversation: Active Listening (Part 3b of 3)

Active Listening

Image courtesy of franky242 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In the follow-up to the previous post (Power Conversation Part 3a) we will talk about the concept of Active Listening and then I will give you a useful speaking strategy to help you be an active listener.

So, what does Active Listening mean?
And why is it important?

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How to ask for Repetition and Meaning | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 13

How to ask for Repetition and Meaning

Key phrases for practice:

Excuse me? Sorry?

Can you repeat that, please?
Can you speak more slowly, please?

What does “awesome” mean?
What do you mean?

Oh, I said it costs $3.80.
Oh, I said the party starts at 7:45pm.

Oh sure, let me repeat that.

It means, “great.”
I mean, I don’t like sports.

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:

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