How to ask for Repetition and Meaning | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 13

How to ask for Repetition and Meaning

Key phrases for practice:

Excuse me? Sorry?

Can you repeat that, please?
Can you speak more slowly, please?

What does “awesome” mean?
What do you mean?

Oh, I said it costs $3.80.
Oh, I said the party starts at 7:45pm.

Oh sure, let me repeat that.

It means, “great.”
I mean, I don’t like sports.

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:


Al: Hey Steph! What’s up?

Steph: Not too much.

Al: Hey, what are you doing on Friday night?

Steph: Excuse me. Sorry?

Al: Friday night! Do you have any plans?

Steph: No, not really.

Al: Well, we’re having this Happy Hour Social at Departures. You should come check it out.

Steph: Sorry, sorry. Could you speak more slowly, please, Al?

Al: I’m sorry. We’re having a Happy Hour Social at Departures, our bar on Friday night. Why don’t you come?

Steph: Ok, yeah, sounds interesting.

Al: Yeah, yeah.

Steph: What times does it start?

Al: It starts at a quarter to eight.

Steph: Sorry, could you repeat that, please?

Al: Yeah. It starts at a quarter to eight.

Steph: Quarter to eight.

Al: Yeah, seven forty-five.

Steph: Seven forty-five, ok. All right, sure, I’ll put it in my calendar. So Al, when you say “Happy Hour Social”, what do you mean?

Al: Oh, well I mean, “Happy Hour Social” is a time before the busy time when there are a little bit cheaper drinks.

Steph: I see! Ok, Happy Hour! Ah, Happy Hour!

Al: Yeah, Happy Hour!

Steph: I see, Ok!

Al: And actually, it’s…

Steph: Is it only one hour?

Al: Usually, it’s more than one hour. It’s usually a couple of hours, but we, you know, just to make it simple we call it “Happy Hour.”

Steph: I see, Ok.

Al: Yeah, so…

Steph: And “Social”?

Al: Oh, “Social”…that means a lot of people will gather and we’ll just have fun talking and chatting. It’s a lot of fun!

Steph: Ok!

Al: Yeah.

Steph: Sounds good.

Al: Yeah, it’s going to be phenomenal!

Steph: What does “phenomenal” mean?

Al: Oh, sorry, “phenomenal” means it’ll be fantastic, wonderful, great, awesome…

Steph: I see.

Al: Yeah, you should definitely come!

Steph: Ok, I’ll be there.

Al: Excellent!

Steph: Can I bring some friends?

Al: For sure! Of course! You know, as we say, “the more, the merrier.”

Steph: All right! Sounds good!

Al: All right.

Steph: See you then!

Al: See you Friday night!

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