How do Americans Spend New Year’s?

Kay asks a very common question from my students…”How do Americans spend New Year’s?”


Kay: Hello! My question…How do Americans spend New Year’s?

Al: Well, uh, Americans usually like to celebrate
New Year’s EVE.

So for example, a lot of people will go out to a bar,
or to a club, to drink of course, and countdown to the New Year.

A lot of people will celebrate at their house, have a house party,
invite a lot of friends over and then countdown to the New Year.

Uh, however, on January 1st, there’s not too much going on,
so, um, people tend to sleep in, and recover from the night before.

In America in particular, there are some college football games that
people like to watch, but we don’t really have the same type of holiday
as in Japan.

So everybody is back to work on January 2nd.

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