English: The Language of Love?

“What do you think is the most romantic language?”

“Have you ever learned a language to impress a loved one?”

These are two of the questions on a new survey called the “Language of Love” survey currently being conducted by Kaplan International Colleges.

Language of Love survey

Language of Love survey

The survey was designed to discover the romantic motivations for learning a language among other things. Anyone may enter via this link and after answering the ten questions on the survey, will be eligible to win $100 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Kaplan’s Online Marketing Executive, Martin Hofschroer said, “This is a fun survey, which I’m sure language learners around the world will enjoy. We hope that there will be some interesting results that we can share with the language learning community.”

Once all is completed, Kaplan will publish an infographic with the results on Valentine’s Day 2013. Be sure to check out the Kaplan blog and Facebook and Twitter pages for notification about the release of the infographic.

Also, continue to learn English with Kaplan by checking out two of the other infographics. One of them looks at the benefits of learning languages while the other shows how students learn English outside of the classroom. If you contribute to this survey, your opinion could be included in the next one!

Do you think English is a romantic language?
What are your favorite “love” expressions in English?

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