Free English Every Day in 2013!

How would you like to receive a free English tip, assignment, or lesson every day in 2013? Well you can do that now by taking part in the Year of English project, which is sponsored in part by Kaplan International Colleges.

yearofenglish-kaplanThe project is an English-learning course delivered by email everyday throughout the year 2013 to those who sign up. The course is especially designed for students who need just a little more help to become fluent in English.

The founder of PhraseMix, Aaron Knight, was inspired to create the Year of English project after seeing the success of a similar project held last year for people interested in learning how to program computers called the Code Year project.

Aaron stated, “For a lot of people, learning English is a vague goal that they hold on to for years and years but never quite achieve. I wanted to give these English learners the motivation to make a big push toward becoming fluent this year. I also wanted to give them the tools to do that with daily lessons.”

As part of the course, students will receive Kaplan English grammar exercises once a week. To sign up for the course, click here.

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