How to talk about Companies | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 2

How to talk about Companies

Key phrases for practice:

We make auto parts.
We offer financial services.

Our main competitors are electronics retailers.
Our main competitors are Honda and BMW.

We are currently cutting costs.
We are currently improving quality.

What does your company do?

Who are your main competitors?

How’s your business doing?

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:


Steph: Well Al, it’s great to meet you.

Al: Nice to meet you too, Steph.

Steph: So, what do you do?

Al: I’m in marketing.

Steph: Marketing, eh? Who are you with?

Al: I’m with HTC.

Steph: HTC… I’ve never heard of them.

Al: Oh really!

Steph: What does your company do?

Al: We manufacture cell phones.

Steph: I see, I see, OK. So, who are your main competitors?

Al: Our main competitors are Apple, Nokia, Samsung…

Steph: I see, ah! Tough business I think.

Al: Yes.

Steph: How’s your business doing?

Al: Oh, we’re doing very well. We’re currently promoting our new cell phone which is called…

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