How to talk about Occupations | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 1


How to talk about Occupations

Key phrases for practice:

I’m a sales rep.
I’m an office assistant.

I work at a trading company.
I work at Sony.

I’m responsible for dealing with customers.
I’m responsible for quality assurance.

What do you do?

Where do you work?

Tell me more about your job.

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:


Steph: (sigh) Tough day at the office.

Al: Oh really? What do you do?

Steph: I’m a financial advisor.

Al: Oh yeah? Where do you work?

Steph: I work at Citibank.

Al: Oh! Citibank! I have a bank account at Citibank.

Steph: Oh really? Thanks for your business.

Al: It’s a great place. I really think they have good customer service. So tell me more about your job.

Steph: Well, um, basically I’m responsible for investing my clients’ money and offering them some personal banking services.

Al: I see. Excellent. Oh, by the way, my name is Al.

Steph: Oh, I’m Steph. Good to meet you.

Al: Nice to meet you too.

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2 Responses to How to talk about Occupations | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 1

  1. Sergio Rodrigues at #

    I work at and I work for have equivalent meaning?

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Sergio,

      Yes, they are very similar and they can both be used for basically the same meaning.
      There is a small technical difference which is, “I work at” focuses more on the PLACE and “I work for” focuses more on the EMPLOYER or COMPANY.

      In everyday conversation, not a big difference though.
      I hope that helps!