How to talk about Your Daily Routine | Global English Course: Level 1 – Lesson 10

How to talk about Your Daily Routine

Key phrases for practice:

I always eat breakfast.
I never get up before 6am.

I usually have coffee after lunch.
I rarely work overtime.

I sometimes have a drink after work.
I sometimes cook dinner.

Do you take the train to work?
Do you go out for lunch?

What time do you finish work?
What time do you go to bed?

When do you have dinner?
When do you do your laundry?

Click here for the Dialogue SCRIPT:


Steph: Hey, Al!

Al: Steph!

Steph: How’re you doin’?

Al: Yeah, how’re you doin’?

Steph: Very good. What are you doing here?

Al: I’m just on my lunch break. Yeah, so…how about you?

Steph: Same. So, do you always come here for lunch?

Al: Well, not always. But I sometimes come here. It’s a pretty good place.

Steph: What time do you usually have lunch?

Al: I always have my lunch break from 11:30.

Steph: Oh, ok. When do you have to go back?

Al: I usually have to go back at 12:30. But today I have some extra time actually.

Steph: Ok, well, you know, I just started my lunch break, so why don’t we have lunch together? We rarely get to do that.

Al: Wow, that sounds great! Let’s go!

Steph: Let’s go!

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      Hi Pooja,

      Thanks for your comment.
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