Spider-Man Can Help You Learn English

Did you know that besides climbing buildings, flying through the air, and shooting bad guys with spider web, Spider-Man also has the ability to help you learn English?

A recent study done my Kaplan International Colleges showed that more than half of the people surveyed learned English by reading comic books. Spider-Man was voted as the most popular superhero.

How did Spider-Man do against other comic books? He was able to get 15% of the vote beating rivals Superman (10%) and Batman (6%).

For this survey, Kaplan interviewed hundreds of their past and present students and asked them if watching TV shows, listening to music, reading comics or playing video games helped them with their English skills.

In the Kaplan infographic, it shows that 55% of students surveyed learned English from reading comic books such as Spider-Man, The X-Men, and The Fantastic Four.

The President of The Stan Lee Foundation, Junko Kobayashi, said, “The Stan Lee Foundation also believes that superheroes have a role in education by promoting learning. We are pleased that Spidey, such a well-known character, has played a major part in helping students study English.” (Stan Lee is the creator of Marvel Comics)

Do you use English comic books to learn English?
If so, which ones do you use?
What is your favorite American superhero?

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