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アクションプラン: ビデオのアドバイスを必ずやりましょう!高校時代のたくさんのINPUT練習をバランスするために今OUTPUT練習を増やしましょう。

 パート1-5全部のアクションプランをやるとすぐにNATURAL ENGLISH が出来ます!頑張ってください!

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This is the fifth and final part of the series “Why Aren’t Japanese People Good at English?”

In Part 1, we discussed “Shy Personality” as the first reason. In Part 2, we looked at “Physical Challenges.” In Part 3, we identified “Katakana” as another reason. And in Part 4, we talked about “Test Mentality.”

In Part 5, I will introduce the fifth reason, which is “Lack of Opportunity.”

As I mentioned in the last post, a huge setback to many students is the lack of OUTPUT practice. Even though this is a critical factor for developing speaking skills, most students know that this may be due to “Lack of Opportunity.”

Obviously, in Japan you will find yourself surrounded by Japanese almost everywhere you go on a daily basis. Naturally, the more you are exposed to a language, the more your brain will think and process in that language. Therefore, you have to make a conscious effort to CREATE English speaking opportunities to expose yourself to English more, become more comfortable with thinking in English, and get valuable OUTPUT practice time.

So where can I find opportunities to speak English in Japan?

Well, the easiest way is to pay for them. You can take lessons at a conversation school or you can hire a private teacher. However, for most people, this can be very costly and often is not enough time by itself to really make a significant change.

How can I find FREE speaking opportunities?

If you are by yourself, please check out this video for some ideas.

If you want to speak with other people, please check out this video for my recommendations on how to create these opportunities for FREE.

Of course, for many of these you will need to have overcome your shyness. Once you can do that, the opportunities will be unlimited!

Your Action Step is to follow the advice in those videos. Increase your OUTPUT to balance the years of INPUT you had in your school days.

Once you activate all Action Steps in Parts 1-5, you will be on the fast path to NATURAL ENGLISH!

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