Episode 17 | How to Increase Your TOEIC Score by 100 Points

On the 17th episode of the English 2.0 Podcast, we handle the following points:

Pronunciation Point: “travel” vs “trouble”

Main Topic: How to Increase your TOEIC score by 100 points

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2 Responses to Episode 17 | How to Increase Your TOEIC Score by 100 Points

  1. manoel Carlos at #

    Hey, what’s up, man?

    I loved your video.

    Please my question is …are there two ways or just one way of pronoucing the name of the test TOIEC? I’ve heard some native speakers pronouncing the letter “o” in TOEIC as in “toe” and other native speakers pronouncing the letter “o” as in “boy” ? Can you help me out with that?

    Looks like you say the letter “o” as in the second way. If possible, could i have an audio of you pronouncing TOIEC slowly.?


    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Manoel,

      Thanks for your comment and question. I’ve never considered that there are two ways of saying TOEIC. Do you have any examples of each? If there is a difference, I’d say it’s a very minor nuance. May I ask why this is important to you?