Is it OK to talk about Politics?



とにかくあなたの頭を使ってて英語を練習しいる。自分の考えを示して英語を上達する。これは本当のCOMMUNICATION。これはENGLISH 2.0。




Many teachers say, “Don’t talk about religion, politics, and money.” I believe we need to talk about these topics more. Now, of course, we may not want to get into these things right when we first meet someone. But after a good relationship is established, we need to share these ideas in order to truly get to know other people and other cultures. This is real communication.

The important thing to remember is, we can discuss these issues with respect and curiosity. It doesn’t have to be offensive and confrontational. Ask questions and listen. If you feel comfortable sharing, please offer your opinion and experience. Be open-minded and welcome new views.

Whatever happens, you are exercising your mind and practicing your English. Keep improving by expressing and sharing your ideas. This is real communication. This is English 2.0.

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