How to ask for Permission and Respond 1-15

Key Phrases for Practice:

Can I use the restroom?
Can I borrow your pen?

May I take a day off?
May I open the window?

Is it all right if I turn down the volume?
Is it all right if I park here?

Sure, go ahead.

I’m sorry, but it’s broken.
I’m sorry, but it’s not possible.

I’m afraid not, but you can turn on the air conditioner.
I’m afraid not, but you can park over there.


Al: Oh, excuse me. May I sit here?

Steph: Sure, go ahead!

Al: Thank you. It’s a nice day, isn’t it?

Steph: It is, but it’s really humid!

Al: Yeah, it’s very humid…really hot today, isn’t it!

Steph: Mmm…

Al: By the way, can I borrow your cell phone?

Steph: I’m sorry, but the battery just died.

Al: Ah, that happens I guess.

Steph: Yeah, I can’t charge it anywhere.

Al: All right. That’s too bad. Hey, is it all right if I smoke here?

Steph: I’m afraid not. You can’t smoke here, but you can smoke over there.

Al: I see. Ok, no problem. Thanks a lot. Oh, do you have a cigarette I could borrow?

Steph: I’m sorry, I don’t smoke.

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