A New Free App to help you Learn English!

There are a lot of applications for your mobile devices out there to help you learn English. I’d like to highlight a new free app today which is called “English Train” and was recently launched by Kaplan International Colleges. Learning English with Kaplan can now be done on your mobile phone or portable device!

English Train is a fun and easy way for students to learn and improve their language skills. The app is more like a game where learners must match words to their corresponding images in a fast-paced race against time.

At first, there are three categories that players learn vocabulary from. These categories are animals, technology, and food and drink. After learning each word, they must match an image of the word to an audio description of it.

Following the train theme, students will arrive at stations and then see passengers at each station. When the passengers speak, they must match what they say to the correct image found on train seats. Once the round is completed, players are able to see their results and have the opportunity to make corrections.

The Global Leaderboard is a place where learners can upload and share their results with other players from around the world. They can even share their results on Facebook as well which means that if students think they are faster than the English Train, their friends and family can also take part in that success.

English Train is a wonderful study tool to help English students of all ages learn new vocabulary and speak with more vocabulary.

Have you tried this app?
If so, what did you think about it?
What are some other apps you use to help you learn English?

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