Idioms with Body Parts

body idiomsLearn Body idioms with Kaplan

Do you know any other idioms with body parts?
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2 Responses to Idioms with Body Parts

  1. “Pain in the butt” means something really irritating/frustrating/annoying.

    I could also say something “Gets on my nerves” to mean the same thing.

    Those are just two that spring to mind. You can replace “butt” in the first one with any of the English swearwords for buttocks, and you can replace “nerves” in the second one with a nasty word for nipples. 🙂

    • ALsensei at #

      Graham, thanks for sharing! Those are some good ones that are very commonly used today. I like idioms as much as anyone but I hate teaching idioms that people never use anymore. Thanks for adding some very practical examples!