Who is the Best Musician to Learn English from?

According to a recent study by Kaplan International Colleges, Bob Marley’s music was the most popular choice for English students to help them learn English. The Jamaican singer-songwriter’s music and lyrics help the greatest number of students learn and improve their English language skills.

The study asked hundreds of students about whether music, movies, video games, and television shows helped them learn English. Here is Kaplan’s How to Learn English Infographic which shows the results of the study.

About 80% of the students interviewed responded that music helped them learn English and 14% mentioned Bob Marley’s songs as the most useful for English study. Some of his biggest hits are “No Woman, No Cry”, “Stir It Up”, and “One Love.”

Other musicians who were popular choices for English students included Michael Jackson at 11% and Madonna at 8%. Surprisingly, rock legends such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones did not make the list.

Current pop idols Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber combined only to get half the vote of Bob Marley, whose music continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide.

“Our father’s legendary music has touched and moved so many people. It’s exciting to find out that his story-telling lyrics can enhance students’ understanding of the English language,” said Cedella Marley.

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