AB10 | Learn These 2 Points to Make a Great First Impression

Business woman giving a handshake

Is she making a good first impression? I think so. How about you?

On the 10th episode of the AudioBLOG, we go over the following Blog post:

Power Conversation: Making a Good First Impression

Learning how to have a natural and meaningful conversation with someone has been one of the hottest topics among my students recently. On this episode of the English 2.0 Podcast, I review Part 1 of the “Power Conversation” series where we answer the question: How can I make a good first impression? If you learn these two simple points, I guarantee that you will make a fantastic first impression!

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On the English 2.0 Podcast, I help you express yourself more naturally and smoothly. We go beyond the words and phrases and talk about how to make your English sound more natural, proper mindset, and success principles.

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