Episode 4 | 3 Grammar Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the ALsensei English 2.0 Podcast! On this podcast, I help you express yourself more naturally and smoothly.

On this episode, we handle the following points:

Q: Which is more natural? “I envy you.” or “I’m jealous.”

Tips: 3 Grammar Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

Pronunciation Point: “Cars” vs. “Cards”



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2 Responses to Episode 4 | 3 Grammar Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

  1. Misa at #

    Do you use the loyalty cards of the convenience store? I have both cards that you used in your video.So,whenever I see these cards,I remember to be careful about plural.
    By the way, I often say “lots of 〜” instead of “a lot of〜”.The dictionary says both are same meaning(I understand so). Which words do you usually use?

    • alsensei at #

      Hi Misa,

      Yes, I use both of those cards quite a bit. I’m glad that is now reminding you to be careful about plural!

      You can use either “lots of” or “a lot of.” Native speakers use both of them quite a bit so feel free to use both of them naturally!

      Thanks for your message!