Study 15 Minutes Everyday vs. 2 Hours on the Weekend: Which is better?







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When I ask students about their study habits, I want to know how much they are studying but also how frequently they are studying. Do they study once a week? Only on weekends? A little bit everyday?


A majority of them tend to study only once a week and that may include lesson time. Some prefer to study on the weekends because they have more time. However, when asking my top students who have achieved success, they tend to answer: “I study a little bit everyday.”


Why is studying as little as 15 minutes a day more effective than 2 hours on Saturday? The answer is about building habits. When you add that consistency into your life, you build valuable habits which naturally produce motivation and confidence. These are the keys to massive success.


Action Step: Think about how much time you can study per day. Don’t worry if it’s small! Starting even with 5 minutes is OK! Choose a particular study action (Reading an English blog and writing comments, Speaking and recording yourself, etc.) and commit to doing that action everyday! You will start to see great improvement very quickly!

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6 Responses to Study 15 Minutes Everyday vs. 2 Hours on the Weekend: Which is better?

  1. Hideko at #


    I read English blogs and leave comments on it…
    and also tweet in Englsih once at least everyday…
    this is my habit as a studying English for now. 🙂

    Oh,I also watch TV dramas in Englsih every night…but I read subtitles..;P


    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Hideko,

      It sounds like you’re doing a lot of studying and more importantly practicing! That’s great! Keep it up and keep doing it everyday. That’s the key! Nice job and thanks for your comments!


  2. Brian at #

    Great article and great blog. I agree 100%. Those habits are very important! Also, when you only study once per week you forget easily. It’s like saying, “Okay done with English for the week. No more English until next week.” Not so productive.

    Languages are a long journey!! Little and consistent is much better than large chunks of time and then leaving it for a week or two.

    Thanks for the info!

    • ALsensei at #

      Hey Brian,

      Yes, I’m a big believer in building good habits and letting them lead you to success. I think that sometimes students get into the mentality of “I’m doing something once a week so it is enough to achieve success”, pretty much what you mentioned there. As we know, it’s often not enough to reach their goals, at least in a reasonable time frame.

      I think we’re on the same page as far as language learning is concerned. Thanks for checking out the blog and thanks for your comment!


  3. Daniel at #

    When I am in my job in from my computer I tried to heard many podcast as much as I can, I do the same when I am working out in the gym or when I am on my way to my work.

    Also I use memrise and duolingo when I am in the bus.

    When I am busy I tried to invest short periods of time by day using the above but when I have enough time I can invest more time doing another times.

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for sharing your study habits with us! It sounds like you are keeping busy. More importantly, you are doing something everyday which is a key to improvement! Excellent!