Many Ways to Describe the Weather

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Do you know any other weather idioms?
If so, please share them below!

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4 Responses to Many Ways to Describe the Weather

  1. Miki at #

    I have heard the phrase that “Raining off and on.”

    これは”雨が降ったり止んだり”と言う意味だと思いますが、これも wether phrase になりますか?

    • ALsensei at #

      Hi Miki,

      Yes! That is a good phrase for describing the weather! Certainly there are days when it rains occasionally and “raining off and on” is a good phrase to describe that.

      Thanks for sharing!


      • Michael at #

        There is an idiom “on cloud nine”

        • ALsensei at #

          Hi Michael,

          Yes, that’s a good one and quite common! Just so everyone knows, this idiom is used to describe when you are feeling great!

          Thanks for sharing!