Sharing Experiences Through iPhone Photography

An Israeli student named Ido Simyoni recently taught a class on how to share life experiences through smartphone photography. He flew to the Kaplan English school in Sydney to share his tips and secrets for taking photos and sharing them on the popular social networking service, Instagram.

ido-kaplanIdo is known as an Instagram celebrity (username: @ido8all) and has over a hundred thousand followers. His expertise in photography is known across the internet mainly due to his social media movement called, “Stop the Terror” which collected over 11,000 pictures from all over the world.

He was attending Kaplan’s English school in New York when he was discovered there sharing his experiences on Instagram and using the #KaplanExperience hashtag to identify his photos.

His classes on iphoneography were so popular, he was invited to teach classes at other English schools in the US, the UK, and Australia.

One student in his class said, “Ido has an amazing eye for the finer details in life. His class encourages you to capture reality in a different light and share your experience with the world.”

After teaching the class in Sydney, he went to Melbourne and then to Auckland, New Zealand to share his love of photography.

Ido said, ”As I see it, Kaplan students are having an amazing experience when studying abroad. Getting to know people from across the globe in great locations is the best formula to tell a story and share it with others. Instagram is the best photo app to do that. I think they are lucky to get this opportunity and to be honest; I fell in love with Australia.”

Do you use Instagram?
What kind of photos do you like to take or share?

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